The "Muslim Question" and Muslim Cultural Citizenship in Australia

  • Rizwan Sahib Western Sydney University, Australia
Keywords: Discourse, Muslims, Culture, Citizenship, Australia


Over the past few decades, Muslims in Australia and the West have been subjected to exclusionary attitudes and discourses. These practices comprise what is called the "Muslim Question." Through its perception of Muslim culture as opposed to Western values and integration, the Muslim Question brings into focus the issue of Muslim citizenship. Studies on Muslim citizenship do not conceptualise how this antagonising situation impacts on Muslim citizenship status. To address this gap in the literature, the current paper turns to cultural citizenship theory. The paper focuses on bottom-up and top-down cultural agents and practices to give a complete picture of Muslim citizenship status. In doing so, the paper finds that there is a cultural barrier to Muslims becoming full citizens. It is the MQ that constructs this barrier and limits Muslim cultural mobility in Australian society.


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