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Leadership in the Modern Shīʿī Thought: Examining the Theory of Imam Khomeini


The leadership of the Islamic nation is one of the concepts that SHĪʿĪ scholars have seriously theorized about, especially since the Safavid era. In Shia thought, this concept is specifically tied to the concept of occultation, and the leader who is being talked about is considered to be the deputy of the Imam of the time. Imam Khomeini put forward one of the most important and of course the latest theories in this matter. Imam Khomeini's opinion is very important because it was the basis of the opinions after him and it was practically implemented in contemporary Iran.

This article is trying to explain the Imam's theory about the leadership of the society during the time of occultation and examine its features and elements.


Leadership, Imam Khomeini, Wal-yi Fiqih, Shii Political Thought, Wal-yi Amr



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